The Plant Tree

Plant Stands

The Plant Tree has many assembly options. The various standing options and limb variations allow you to become the designer.

Full Tree Assembly

The Plant Tree is the idea that started it all. Strong, light and versatile, you can customize the limbs to create the look you want. Place limbs in up to 24 positions; each limb can safely hold 20 lbs.

Two-Tier Assembly

This variation of the Plant Tree makes it shorter to accommodate your needs.  The Two-Tier Assembly has 16 slots to hang limbs in different positions, safely holding 20 lbs. each.  This design makes the tree ideal for inside or any place where space is limited.

3-in-1 Bundle

Yard Tree

This variation of the Plant Tree allows you to stake the stand in the yard with all the customization of the original Plant Tree. It is a great way to take your flower bed to the next level, or even start a new bed. Let your plants stand out with the Yard Tree.

Deck Mount

The Deck Mount allows you to replace the legs of the Plant Tree and secure it to your deck, turning any deck into a bountiful garden.

Ceiling Mount

Allow the Ceiling Mount to clear some space for your plants. It is ideal for a garage, or anywhere you want to hang your plants. Attaching to a ceiling joist, the Ceiling Mount helps manage your space, raising your plants off the ground.