Railing and Wall Mounts

The Plant Tree offers two unique Wall Mounts. The versatile Wall Bracket can hold up to three hanging and/or potted limbs. The Terra Cotta Bracket allows you to place up to 9″ Terra Cotta pots. Both Wall mounts can be secured to any solid surface. Scroll Down to See More!

3-Plant Railing and Wall Bracket

The versatile 3-Plant Railing and Wall Bracket is the perfect way to display your plants in small spaces like condos or on fence railing. It is made from strong, rust-free aluminum and setup is simple.

The 3-Plant Railing and Wall Bracket can be set up in a variety of configurations. The kit includes two plant hooks and a potted plant holder. Hardware is included for mounting onto any surface including wood or masonry.

Terra Cotta Bracket

The Terra Cotta Bracket lets you put any terra cotta pot (up to 9 inches) on any wooden or masonry surface, giving you the ultimate choice of where you hang your pots.