The Plant Tree

The Plant Tree is the original idea that started it all. With 24 different positions, the Plant Tree can be assembled in several set-ups to allow you to maximize your space to display your plants.

3-Plant Bracket

Our 3-Plant Bracket takes the patented design of the Plant Tree and brings it to any sturdy surface. Take any three limbs and create unique designs on your wall, fence or railing.  

3-in-1 Combo

The 3-in-1 Combo brings the Plant tree to your yard, deck, and even ceiling. Now you can turn even the toughest terrain into a thriving garden. 

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The story of the Plant Tree is as unique as the Plant Tree itself. Starting from a simple request, the Plant Tree grew into a small company.

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Terra Cotta Bracket

Float your terra cotta pots anywhere with our Terra Cotta Bracket

Capable of placing the limbs in 24 different positions, the Plant Tree can be assembled in several set-ups, allowing maximization of space to display your plants.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Made of rust-free aluminum
  • Compact and Storable
  • Slip-fit design
  • Each limb can safely hold 20 lbs. 
  • Various designs to suit your needs

If you live in a condo or apartment building, you may be restricted to where you can put plants. Without the luxury of being able to place hanging brackets on the walls, floor space is a limited resource.

Maybe you own your own home and have run out of space, or have nowhere to put your favorite plants when the seasons change.

The Plant tree is a strong free-standing plant stand that can allow you to place your plants in 24 different positions, creating your own design.

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Plant Stands

The Plant Tree has several variations of plant stands to fit your needs and let you continue to customize your look.

Wall Mounts

Discover all our wall mount options and see how you can hang your plants from a multitude of locations.

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Learn more about the Plant Tree and its inventor Ray Carney, and how the idea came to be.

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