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Assembly Instructions

Four-Leg Assembly

The four-leg assembly takes advantage of all four legs and offers the maximum amount of positions to place or hang your plants.

The four-leg assembly option is ideal for anyone looking for outdoor plant stands for multiple plants. The four-leg assembly is a great patio garden idea.

Three-Leg Assembly

The three-leg assembly uses three legs and allows you to set up The Plant Tree’s Free-Standing Kits to be placed along a wall. 

The three-leg assembly takes up less space, making it ideal as a house plant stand, and with the hanging limbs, you can even enjoy this assembly as an indoor hanging plant stand. The three-leg assembly can be used to grow a beautiful small-space balcony garden.

Corner Assembly

If you are looking for a corner plant stand, all of The Plant Tree’s Free-Standing Kits will fit your need. The corner assembly lets you get the most of any corner by using a unique three-leg assembly.

This is an ideal assembly for anyone looking for indoor plant stands for multiple plants, but don’t want to sacrifice space in your room.